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Lion-O Sword Of Omens Replica

$147.00 $70.00

Total Length: 44″
Blade Length: 31.5″
Handle Length: 12.5″
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.68 KG


Blade Edge

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Lion-O Sword Of Omens Replica

Replica of lion’o sword of Omens
If you would like to purchase the replica of the sword of omens from the online store then we are here to offer you the best deals on the online purchases of the thundercats sword along with some really good discount offers. Those who are fan of the movies and would like to add the sword itself to their collection can purchase it easily from our site. We have provided the detailed description of this sword and the replica sword as well for our customers so that if they like the mentioned specs, then they can place their order for the lion’o sword right now.

The Sword of Omens that we are offering here has a really elegant design that is stylish and very neatly designed at the same time. The replica of the lion’o sword has a length of about 44″ and out of this the blade has a length of 31.5” whereas the handle of the thundercats sword is about 12.5” in length. The total weight of this sword is about 1.68 kg which makes it quite easy to carry and use. The sword, if bought from our store, comes with a sheath as well as a display rack.

The lion’o sword is the sword that Lion-O carries in the Thundercats and it is among the most beautifully designed swords that we have in the stocks. When the sword is not being used by the Lion-O, it looks more like a dagger from its shape and size. The shape of the sword changes to its original form when Lion-O desires. In its original or awakened form, Lion-O’s Sword of Omens is quite broad unlike when it is in its dormant form. In the movies, they have shown the sword to have mythical powers such as it being super sharp and able to cut through the very hard materials. Unlike a typical sword, it can also shoot magical beams of laser at the enemies. It can not only be used for fatal attacks but also for stunning the enemies. If Lion-O is in a defensive mode of fighting, he can use the energy forces of the sword to help him. This sword allows Lion-O to make a circular shield of energy which cannot be penetrated easily by his enemies thus allowing him to protect himself and get ready for other attacks as well. The sword has a lot of different powers and they all originate from a mythical eye that is engraved in the hilt of the sword. This eye is called the eye of Thundera which is made of ruby and has the power to look at any type of energy that exists. When the eye is not fully awakened, it is in the form of an eye but when it changes form, it becomes like the head of a black cat. Lion-O’s primary weapon is this sword and he loses most of his powers if he loses the possession of it and so it is necessary for Lion-O to keep the sword with him all the time. Lion-O keeps this sword with him during his fights and encounters with his enemies and it is due to this sword that he is always able to get the upper hand on his opponents in the fights. There are quite a number of other features that the sword offers to the one wielding it such as summoning other Thundercats to the region or throwing fire goblets at enemies or even freezing the enemies and other such elemental super powers. Of course the replica that we are offering matches the original Lion-O’s sword only in its shape and size and not in these superpowers. But the one thing that is guaranteed is that you will be amazed to see the quality of the replica and the material used in the making of the sword. It is like the exact copy of the original sword as far as the shape, color and the size of the sword are concerned.

Although the swords that we offer and other collectibles like these have false edged blades to ensure maximum safety of the user and his near ones but still, it is necessary that you also take great care while using these things. When using the thundercats sword, ensure that you are using it in a safe area where there is no risk of breaking anything. If you are not careful, you may end up damaging the sword itself despite the fact that it used the finest quality material in its making. Also, make sure to keep the Lion-O’s sword away from children and if they want to use it, then do so under your supervision. Buy the Sword of Omens from the trusted online store.

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Weight 3.5 kg