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Fantasy Weapons & Swords >> FW-717-SK
Sword Of Odin
Sword Of Odin:

Sword Of Odin

Overall Length: 40.5"

Blade Length: 31.5"

Handle Length: 9"

Free Wooden Stand

Free Leather Sheath

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Weight: 1.38 KG

Price: $115.00    $67.00
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Product Summary :

One of the best Fantasy Swords ever manufactured is now easily available on the site of fantasy swords. The famous and legendary Sword of Odin right from the Asgard has finally arrived and introduced to the customers. It has come to present you with all of its fame. It looks appropriate as the imagined sword handled by the Norse God himself. Odin was a leading God in the Norse tradition, (a subset of Germanic tradition and assumptions) and the king of Asgard (Where all the Gods lived). He is demonstrated in the books and comics as controlling this sword. The sword of odin came into view in many comic books and cartoon presented by Marvel. In a Comic Odin Sword, the sword is presented having a extension of thousands of miles. The evil dragon Surtur embezzled it from the authority of Norse God. The sinful forces stole this sword for the demolition and devastation of the world. There was a prediction that if the sword is pulled out of the sheath, it will wipe out the whole world. So the unified forces of super heroes along with Thor (the offspring of Odin) try to over throw the Surtur and rescue the world in time.

This sword, The sword of Odin  was manufactured with exact and accurate detailing and with the best level of excellence. It looks close enough to the genuine one.  The most noteworthy thing in whole sword is that it is linked with cross guard and the grip. The heavy metal handle has traditional patterns on it, which augments the terror of this clone sword. The cross guard contains two horns like curvaceous projections that stand with dignity. The guard evolves into a sharp tip end in the middle. The pommel of Odin Sword possesses a creature like icon on it. The pointed steel blade is made of quality stainless steel. The blade has certain spiked like projections on both two sides. However, these are not pointed. The length of the blade is 31.5 inch with an overall length of 40.5 inch. The length of the handle is 9 inch. This sword weighs 1.38 kg. Get hold of this fictional sword and entertain yourself by it. A flawless ornamental and ancient Odin Sword for sincere customers. This fantasy Sword, The sword of Odin is easily available from our legitimate Online Swords Store. This store gives good discount deals which are difficult to say no, on all products.

There are various stories which show the appearance of the Odin sword. The sword first came into view in the story of Asgard (a back-up feature circulated in the title Journey into Mystery) story called "The Sword in the Sheath". The weapon is first possessed by the fire demon Surtur, and is taken from the entity by Norse god Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve. This sword is then placed in the territory of Asgard under constant guard, as it is predicted that drawing the blade from its sheath will cause the end of the world, which is familiar to the Norse gods as Ragnarok. 

The sword of Odin appears concisely at the apex of a story featuring the Thunder God Thor - the offspring of Odin - and the evil Seidring; an Asgardian who has broken Odin's trust and now obtains the Odin force. When Thor warns to draw the sword of Odin from its sheath unless the power is returned to Odin, Seidring panics and accepts defeat. When the creature Mangog is unexpectedly provoked by the Rock Troll Ulik, it pursues vengeance against Odin as it is made from a race that was ruined by Odin for their sinful acts, and attempts to attack Asgard and take the Odin sword. Although Thor and the Asgardians are unsuccessful in stopping the creature, it is eliminated at the last moment by Odin, who has just arisen from the Odin sleep.

The Asgardian Warriors Three tries to take the Odin sword when under the mental control of endlessness, but is interrupted by Thor and stopped, who helps Odin in conquering Infinity. Mangog returns – masked as a currently missing Odin - and after expelling Thor from Asgard again the Mangog tries to take the Odin sword, but is conquered when the betrayal is seen and is terminated

The sword of  Odin origin was discovered during the Celestial Saga, a plot written by Roy Thomas; Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio under the heading Thor. This idea came up from the cursed Ring of Power, the sword is destined for future use against the Celestials, powerful aliens who come to Earth and meek the Sky father figures of Earth.

This sword also appeared in the World-eaters story line, when this giant sword was used to cut the space through the world.

This sword is popular and indeed an entertainment and gives the worth of your money.

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