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Lord of the Rings
Seeker Sword
Movie & TV Swords >> Movie & TV >> MS-719-SK
Alexander Sword - Macedonian
Alexander Sword - Macedonian:

Sword Total Length: 29"

Blade Length: 21.5" 

Handle Length: 7.5"

Weight: 1.29 kg

With Wooden Stand.!

440 Stainless Steel and Polished

Price: $85.00
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Product Summary :

We offer all kinds of Movies Swords. Here, we are presenting the Alexander Sword that is the replica of the original shown in an action adventure and historic film. In the movie, the hero is seen carrying a sword also known as Macedonian Sword. The movie shows the legendary and heroic character who conquered many vast lands. The movie also explains his childhood and youth. The eminent hero became the king of Macedonia. From then, he kept on battling for the unity of his kingdom. He provoked a war against Persians. After an immense brawl, he conquests the Persia. After that, he heads towards the India for dominating it. His whole life was a battle. The movie shows his struggles to merge his empire and his death. Because of his strategic fighting nature and skills, people called Alexander a Greek God. Some even declared him as the son of Zeus.

We are offering Macedonian Sword of Alexander at discounted price. The Macedonian Sword is an artistic and battle Sword at the same time. All specifications are kept in mind while making this Sword. The Alexander Sword has a stylish and curved double edged blade with an ancient Greek pattern on it. The hilt is made from cast steel and possesses a unique color shade. The ornamental lion head is fitted on the Alexander Sword. The cross guard has a curved side and a circle like pattern. We have made the handle from quality wood. The light weight of this Sword allows you to carry it with ease. The Alexander Sword is the perfect Replica as the original one. Buy Movie Swords from our Online Swords store and get exclusive discounts. We are offering a wooden display stand which will allow you to exhibit this glorious Macedonian Sword of Alexander. Just place your order for this Historical mighty Sword and save money. We deliver our products worldwide.





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