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Soul Reaver Vampiric Sword

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Overall Length: 46″
Blade Length: 35″
Handle Length: 11″
Free Wall Plaque
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.42 KG


Blade Edge

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Soul Reaver Vampiric Sword

Soul Reaver Sword
Soul Reaver’s vampiric sword is a recurring sword from the video game series the Legacy of Kain. Legacy of Kain is an action-adventure video game series. It is developed by Crystal Dynamics. The series consists of five games in total and focuses on the main character Kain, who is a vampire antihero.

Product Description:
Soul Reaver’s vampiric sword belongs to Raziel. It is one of the most majestic and dangerous sword. The sword is designed to give an evil look. The blade is curved and a skull joins the handle of the sword to the blade.
• The legacy of kain soul reaver overall length of the sword is 46 inches.
• The length of the blade is 35 inches.
• The handle is shaped to give the sword a good grip and measures 11 inches in length.
• The soul reaver sword is a bit heavy and weighs 1.42 kgs.

The legacy of kain soul reaver Sword belongs to Raziel, who is the leading character of the video game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2. He is also one of the leading characters in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Raziel was units illy a vampire but he evolved to such an extent that he exceeded Kain in power. Raziel was thrown into the Lake of dead like Kain but he was mysteriously saved by a benefactor who returned him to Noshoth as a wraith.

Raziel was then controlled by his new master, Elder God. Elder drove him to completely destroy all relations with his old fellows from the wasteland of Kain’s empire. He then got hold of the Wraith Blade and learned about his ironic past. He originally was a human being when he was born in Nosgoth and then, before he died and was resurrected, he became a leading commender of the vampire-hunting Sarafan brotherhood. As time went on and Raziel gradually got to know more about the truth, he came to realize his inevitable future, which was that he was destined to eventually come the spirit that was trapped in the Soul Reaver and eventually in the Wraith Blade. Kain temporarily rescued him from his fate, which resulted him increasing his lust for vengeance.

Anyhow, after many attempts Raziel succeeded in exposing Elder God’s nature and eventually he accepted his fate and felt relief from his cyclical density. Raziel sacrificed himself to the Soul Reaver, and ended up dispersing into the Wraith Blade. His soul was trapped in the sword but he was saved from years of torment. This whole scenario helped Kain out of the corruption of the Pillars, so he was able to see, battle and oppose Elder God again.

The Reaver is a recurring weapon in the Legacy of Kain series, appearing in every title. It was later known as the Soul Reaver. The reaver is a flamberge-class sword and is shaped to have a broad and wave-like blade that is usually forged with unknown materials, which add to its mystery. The Reaver is the signature weapon of the vampire Kain throughout the video game series. The Reaver holds great importance in the story as it is used by both the leading characters as their main weapon and story element. The sword can be used in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2, and finally in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. The other parts of the series that are Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, and Legact of Kain: Defiance, feature the Wraith Blade as the main weapon, which is a spiritual version of the original Soul Reaver.

The Reaver was initially an enchanted sword. It was forged with unknown elements by Vorador, at the ancient vampires’ behest. The sword was meant to destroy the adversary that were expected in the future, that was the Hylden champion. Capable of completely draining out the victim’s blood, it altered when the soul of wraith Raziel was absorbed by it. Since then, Raziel’s spirit has been inhibited in the blade and it sucks up the soul of anybody who gets struck by it. A long time after that, when Raziel was attached by Kain using the physical blade, the blade was unable to capture the soul itself that resulted in releasing the Wraith Blade that is the soul of Raziel. The sword’s history and tales through time are mysterious and complicated and its existence will always depend on Raziel in the Nosgoth universe.

The legacy of kain soul reaver is a very powerful sword and has various unique features, apart from what it was originally made to do. The blade itself served as a vessel for Raziel’s soul, while it could be used to separate history timelines and creature paradoxes. You can buy a replica of this amazing sword from our website by visiting the following link.

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Weight 4 kg