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Soul Reaver Vampiric Sword
Soul Reaver Vampiric Sword:

Sword Overall Length: 45.5"

Blade Length: 35"

Handle Length: 10.5"

Weight: 1.42Kg

With display stand!

440 Stainless Steel Blade

Price: $89.00    $60.00
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Product Summary :

The replica sword of soul reaver is finally in stock. Buy this cheap sword from our store. We offer all kinds of replica swords online at the cheapest rates. Legacy of Kain is an action-adventure video game series. The series includes a set of five epic games. The idea behind creating of this game was to introduce a game for adults. They introduced a cinematic graphics and puzzle solving game which demands reflexes. The player takes control of Raziel, a disfigured and ghostly vampire who quests for revenge against Kain. He wanted to defeat the corrupt Sorcerers who plagued him. By defeating his opponents, Raziel can get free from his Vampiric curse by restoring balance.

This replica sword, called the Soul Reaver, belongs to Raziel. The sword appeared in every video game of this series. The skull on the handle of the blade, make it, more horrifying. The twisted blade, forged from unknown materials, increases its beauty. When the replica sword absorbed Raziel soul, he got trapped in it. The blade inherited the Raziel’s soul hunger, so, they named it -the Soul Reaver. This cheap sword was more than just a weapon for Kain. It served as a key role in every game of the series. Raziel was able to get this replica sword. In the battle between Raziel and Kain, this sword got destroyed. But Raziel found a similar version of this sword, known as the Wrath sword. It was much like the Soul reaver sword. This blade can drain blood from the victim’s body. 

With the power of this blade, one can do classy tasks. Go against the elder Gods by wielding this sword. Cut your enemies and feast upon their flesh. People can travel even through time by opening different portals using this replica sword. Drain the blood from your enemy’s bodies or devour their souls. This cheap sword is made with the best material.


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