King Theoden Sword for Sale
  • King Theoden Sword for Sale
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King Theoden Sword from The Lord of the Rings

$167.00 $70.00

Overall length with scabbard: 43″
Overall Length: 39″

Blade Length: 30″

Handle Length: 9”

Handle Material: Solid metal guard and pommel with antiqued brass plated finish, the hilts are east in the symbols of the famed horses of Rohan and the grip is high quality leather-wrapped

Free Wall Plaque

Free Scabbard

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction


Blade Edge

Sold: 12

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King Theoden Sword from The Lord of the Rings

Theoden Sword

The total length of this Theoden Sword is 39 inches. The length of its blade is 30 inches and the length of its handle is 9 inches. Its blade is made of stainless steel, which makes it a very good sword. Its handle is made up of solid and very good material, which is brass. It is a very beautiful sword as compared to other swords. The grip of this Theoden Sword is very good and is wrapped with leather. The handle is very beautifully crafted and is made up of very good material. You can also order this sword online and buy from a very good dealer, who will also offer you return policy. You will have the guarantee, that this sword is very good. If you are not in the same country as dealer, you can also pay shipping charges online. The original price of this sword is very high, but there are many dealers, who offer this sword at a very low rate. Some website also has a very good reputation regarding price and originality of this sword.
The real craze
This sword is from the famous movie Lord Of The Rings in which, this sword belongs to Theoden King Of Rohan. This sword, because of its look is liked by many people and people from many parts of the world, buy it. Many swords are also replicas. Its replica sword is known as Herugrim Sword. This Theoden Sword is also liked very much because unlike other swords, it is a very good sword. It has a very good look and that is the reason, that it was passed to Theoden King to his son. The king of Rohan ruled for about forty years and after that, he was misguided. He was misguided by Saruman the White, who belongs to an evil force. Saruman captured many lands by making their kings powerless. After that, Gandalf, who belongs to the army of Frodo, killed hat spy and they freed the king of Rohan. Later, the king lost all his hopes of remaining the king and then Gandalf inspired him to take back control of the land. He was a very good and wise king. At that time, Gandalf gave him this sword and helped him take back the throne with full control. He was very aged at that time, but was still able to handle matters of the land. They were able to use this king theoden sword using their left hand and they showed many tricks. It was a symbol of their family. This Theoden Sword was passed from father to his son. The kings used this sword very well in their battles and were also very experienced. The sword, which was shown in the movie Lord Of The Rings, was very good and its blade was very shinny. This sword has the charming brass element. Leather provides a very firm grip to the user and this sword is also very heavy. Stainless tell provides the sword from rust and also keeps it shining. Its tip is pointed, which was used to attack the enemy. Overall, this theoden sword for sale is very good and has an elegant design. The look of this sword is very good. Buy this sword online and be proud of your item. You will have a good sword and you can also buy it for decoration of your house. Some dealers also give free cover for this sword, which makes it look even better. If you but this Theoden Sword from a good dealer, you will also get discount.

Make sure you buy this king theoden sword from a good dealer. If you are planning to master this sword for fighting purposes, make sure you practice very well. An instructor is needed, if you want to become a master. Make sure you use any piece of cloth or any type of gloves for safety purposes. Make sure you are training in open places, gardens or large halls so that, you won’t hurt anyone. Remember, safety comes first. If your trainer is very good, you will be able to master fighting with this sword. You will be able to move this sword the way you want. Due to its heavy size, it is very dangerous. Make sure your wrist is strong enough to handle this sword. Your wrists should be very strong. Make sure the sword you use, is in good condition, so that you do not hurt yourself. If the blade of this lotr theoden sword is not very firmly attached to your handle, get your sword repaired from a specialist so that you won’t get hurt. As this theoden sword for sale is very long and heavy, make sure you handle it with extreme care. While fighting, you should also use armor or any shield so that you will also have a strong defense using Theoden Sword.

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