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HE-MAN Sword – The Power Sword

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Overall Length: 42″
Blade Length: 31″
Handle Length: 11″
Free Wall Plaque
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.75 KG


Blade Edge

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HE-MAN Sword – The Power Sword

Power he man sword
We, Swords Kingdom specialize in all kinds of movie swords and Power Sword He-Man is another beautiful addition to the world of swords. Like all other swords, the Power Sword He-Man also belongs to an imaginary character that appears in a series; he carries a sword, namely the Power Sword and has amazing powers. He-Man is the main character of the movie with the Power Sword He-Man symbolizing his importance. In the series, He-Man fights his enemies using the Power Sword He-Man. This takes place at the planet Eternia with the evil forces of Skeletor. Other than He-Man, the story has other characters as well with Prince Adam being one of them. Prince Adam, who once lived in a castle is now a wood cutter and works very hard every day to meet his needs. He has lost his memory and thus, he’s unable to remember anything whatsoever. One day, a huge monster attacks him and tries to kill him. However, Prince Adam is able to somehow defeat the monster & later, the evil forces of Skeletor are sent to defeat and destroy Prince Adam as he didn’t have the Power Sword He-Man at that time.

Behind every great thing, there is a beautiful story. The same principle applies to the Power Sword He-Man. Skeletor already had one-half of this Power sword but in order to rule the palace, he needs the other part of the Power Sword He-Man as well. In his way, there’s Prince Adam whose tries his best to stop Skeletor from getting the other part of the sword and succeeds eventually. He gets the he man sword which allows him to change to He-Man.

Details of the Sword:
The he-man sword replica that is used in the movie is the same as the original sword. The pommel of the sword is very beautiful and has linings that are circular in shape. The cross guard of the sword adds to the artistic look of the sword. There’s a gem right in the middle of the sword. This gem is red in color and is quite elegant. Like all other swords, the sword has a blade. This blade of this he man sword is made up of stainless steel. However, the blade is not quite polished and looks a bit dull. Buy this amazing sword from us and get amazing discounts. Some other details of the sword include the following points.

• The he man sword is quite long. The overall length of the sword is 42 inches which includes the 31 inches of the blade as well as the 11 inches of the handle with the overall weight of the he-man sword replica nearing 2 kilograms. In fact, the overall weight of the he man power sword is approximately 1.75 kilograms.

• There’s a plaque as well as a sheath that is included with the sword.
As mentioned above, the he-man sword replica is imaginary. Moreover, this sword is also referred as the Sword of Power. Sometimes, it is also referred as the Sword of Grayskull. Actually, this sword comes from the Masters of the Universe toyline. In order to obtain full control of the palace, Skeletor tried to obtain both halves of the sword. Prince Adam stopped him and the sword transformed him to He-Man. Special part of the story is that the prince has to stop Skeletor using only ordinary weapons such as an axe and a shield. The story doesn’t talk about partitioning the swords however. The sword has gone through different shapes changes. It has been changed in 1980s as well as in 2002.

The he man power sword is as old as the book that came with the He-Man action figure. In this book, Skeletor’s main goal is to obtain other part of the sword. This part of the sword is hidden and kept safe inside the Grayskull castle. The he man sword is very powerful and comes with the ability to create a hole in the dimension wall. Of course, Skeletor wanted to use this power to get his cavalries to help him overtaking the palace and overtake Eternia’s castle. However, he is never allowed to perform the task completely. As he gets the swords joined, Skeletor is able to attack He-Man. Later, the Sorceress comes into play and again splits the sword into two parts. This breaks the spell of the sword.

The book which was later released told where the location of the two parts of the sword is told. One is placed at the “highest point” while other is placed underneath the “hardest rock” of the palace Eternia. There are more details about the location of the sword and it’s best to read the details from the book to get the full out of it. The he man power sword, however, is magical and powerful. We urge you to purchase the sword from our online store as it has details about all the swords. The he man sword is magical, power and has a lot of history associated with it and you should buy it for sure.

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Weight 4 kg