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Masamune Sephiroth Sword 68"
Masamune Sephiroth Sword 68":

Total Length with scabbard: 68"

Overall Length: 65"

Blade Length: 47" 

Handle Length:18"

4/8" Thick, Handmade

Same guard as in Advent Children

Polished Blade

Hardwood Scabbard! 

Cloth Wrapped Handle

Free Wooden Stand

Free Wooden Scabbard

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction 

Weight: 2.18 KG

Price: $118.00    $80.00
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Product Summary :

Masamune Sephiroth Sword

Masamune Sephiroth Sword, the most incredible, magnificent and one of the most powerful swords from the final fantasy series is now here for the final fantasy game fans and others who would like to collect such items. The replica of the Masamune is now available for the fans at their most trusted online store for all the game and movies swords and those who would like to buy it can do so by placing their orders right now. You can also benefit from our numerous discounts on all the purchases that you do here. Provided below are the Masamune replica specs so that those who like it can get the complete details about the measurements and the design before they buy it.

Specs and measures of Masamune Sephiroth Sword:

The replica comes with a scabbard and the total length of the Masamune replica along with its scabbard is about 68 inches and without the scabbard, it is 65 inches. The blade of the Masamune is 47 inches long and handle length is 18 inches. The replica is light weight and has a total weight of about 2.18 KG.  High quality material is used in the crafting of this replica to produce the product that has the touch and feel of the real thing. It is one of the most loved and wanted swords from the game. The replica is extremely beautifully and precisely designed. The package that we are offering here includes a free display stand as well for the Masamune Sephiroth Sword. The blade of the sword is polished to give it the shiny look of the real sword. The handle comes with cloth wrapping as it appeared in the Advent Children Game of Final Fantasy Series. Here is a brief summary of the Masamune and its wielder, Sephiroth.


The actual Masamune Sephiroth Sword from the game is quite long and looks astonishingly scary as well. It is in fact, longer than the height of Sephiroth himself and when this length combines with his power and skill, the duo turns out to be quite a deadly combination for those who go against it. In the game series, the person who held the sword wasn’t much famous until he got the sword and once he acquired Masamune Sephiroth Sword, he came to be known as one of the top villains and antagonists according to a lot of gaming geeks and survey magazines. It is a great sword that features a lot of different attacks for the user. There are like 107 different attacks that Masamune offers to its user and it also does a lot of damage to its opponent in each hit. It is not just specific to Sephiroth in all versions but it is usually associated with him. At first, Sephiroth was a much admired person in the Final Fantasy universe and he had quite a positive character. But later there were things that impacted him in a very negative way, especially when he learned the fact that he was the part of an experiment, he became furious and set out to become the major antagonist in the later versions of the game. He went too far in the negative direction and then his main objective was to achieve a godly status in the universe. For this purpose, he fought against many characters in the series and had very brutal battles that led him to life and death situations. Sephiroth had Masamune Sephiroth Sword in many of his battles that greatly increased his potential and gave him an upper hand in his fight against his enemies. The fans of the Sephiroth and his swords can buy it now by ordering it online and enjoy the substantial discounts on its purchase at our store.


The replica of the Sephiroth sword is here for you and since it has quite a lot of length, almost 6 feet, so there are some precautions for the people who buy this sword. Here are these precautions for you:

•Make sure you practice or play with this lengthy replica in an area where there is no risk of hurting anyone nearby. 

•Also be sure that there are no breakables in the room where you practice or you might end up doing some damage.

•Very fine and high quality material is used in the making of this sword which ensures a very long life for the replica but still, it is recommended that you take good care of it to avoid any sort of damage to it. 

•Children should not be allowed to use the Masamune Sephiroth Sword replica because it may not be possible for them to handle it properly and they can hurt themselves or someone else. So, be careful and don’t let children use the Masamune Sephiroth Sword.

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