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Lord of the Rings
Seeker Sword
Video Game Swords >> Final Fantasy >> FF-180-SK
Auron Katana
Auron Katana:

Auron Katana Sword Overall Length: 39.5"

Blade Length: 29.5" 

Handle Length: 10"

Weight: 1.80Kg

Material: 420k Stainless Steel

Handle: Leather Rap

Comes with FREE Wood Stand and Leather Sheath!

Price: $65.00    $61.75
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Product Summary :

Here comes another game Sword from the same franchise. We are presenting the Auron katana Sword. The wielder is Auron, one of the protagonists and playable character in the series. He has a mysterious personality and epic fighting skills. He is the unofficial leader of the protagonists of the game. They come to him for any permission or request, and he also never lets them down. No one clearly knows him as he has a mysterious and complex past. He led many expeditions and helped Tidus’ father in his battle. The getup and personality of Auron is widely praised by the fans. He was a devoted warrior monk of Bevelle at the age of twenty-five. He was trained for a high-ranking position in the ministry, but he had principles of his own. His career was ruined when he refused to marry the daughter of a high-ranking ministry officer. The ministry expelled him, and one of his friends was chosen for the seat.

The Auron Sword has a massive blade with quality stainless steel. The Auron Katana has a hilt made of heavy metal. The handle has wrapped black leather, which delivers a comfortable grip. The pommel features metal and an attachment crafted from red woolen thread. The curved blade enhances the charm of the fantasy Sword. The Auron Sword may be seemed like heavy, but it is light and allows superior handling. One can hack and slash enemies with the curved and powerful blade of the Sword. We offer it with a free display stand and a leather scabbard. A perfect and Cheap Replica Sword to hang on the wall, or to offer someone as a gift. We are shipping worldwide at notable charges. Buy Swords from the Online Swords Store of Swords Kingdom and save money.

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