Eowyn Sword for Sale from LOTR
  • Eowyn Sword for Sale from LOTR
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Eowyn Sword

$169.00 $70.00

Overall Length with scabbard: 43″
Total Length: 40.5
Blade Length: 32.5″
Handle Length: 8″
Blade Thickness: 1/4″
Free Wall Plaque
Free Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.82 KG


Blade Edge

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Eowyn Sword

The Eowyn Sword

The Eowyn Sword is a well-known and the fanciest sword from the movie series, The Lord of Rings. It belongs to Eowyn who is a shieldmaiden of Rohan. Eowyn is the daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn and sibling of Eomer. Being the niece is Theoden, she was forced to give up her youth for looking after Theoden in his last years. Eowyn was in love with Aragorn and was in a great state of despair because of it.

After being rejected by men to accompany them in a battle, she disguised herself as a man because of her strong desire to prove herself. She accompanied Rohirrim army during their battle at Minas Tirith, which was known as the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and gained great importance after slaying the Witch-King of Angmar. Eowyn was severely wounded during the battle a nearly lost her life but Aragorn helped her recover in the Houses of Healing. During her stay there, Eowyn met Steward of Gondor and fell in love with him. They later married and lived in Ithilien after the War of the Ring.
Product Description:
The Eowyn Sword is a recurring sword from The Lord of the Rings series and is the fanciest sword from the entire series.

• The Eowyn sword is massively large, measuring 40.5 inches in length and weighing 1.82 kgs.
• The sword has a beautiful silver finish that gives it’s fancy look.
• The guard of the sword of eowyn is curved and stylish.
• The blade of the sword is double edged and made from stainless steel. It measures 32.5 inches in length, and 1/4 inches in thickness.
• The pommel of the sword is large and is beautifully designed to match the overall weight of the sword. It is made of metal and is engraved.
• The hilt of the sword is wrapped in leather to provide a good grip. The handle measures 8 inches in length.
• The sword of eowyn comes with a brown leather scabbard to keep it safe.

The second child of Eomund and Theodwyn, Eowyn was the sister of Eomer and niece of King Theoden. She was first seen taking care of King Theoden as he lived through his last years in his palace in Meduseld. When the King planned to go to a battle, he needed a leader for the people to guide them in his absence. He asked his door warden, Hama, to suggest him a leader. Hama suggested him Eowyn because she was a fearless and strong women who was loved my all people. As Aragorn, Theoden and other men fought the Battle of the Hornburg against Saruman’s army, Eowyn stayed behind in Edoras and kept everything running perfectly and orderly in their absence. When Theoden was called again to fight against Mordor, Eowyn begged to be allowed to ride with Aragorn to the battle, but she was rejected. Disappointed, Eowyn disguised as a man and rode along with other men to Minas Truth on her horse, named Windfola. Eowyn, being light-weighted, easily carried Merry with her on her horse.
Eowyn, after disguising as a man and accompanying the army to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, fought ferociously. When Theoden and his men were attacked by the Witch-King of Angmar, Eowyn and Merry were the only ones who didn’t run away. It was Eowyn who challenged the Witch-King when Theoden was wounded and could not fight. The Witch-King believed that no ‘living man’ could hinder him. Upon hearing these words, Eowyn took her helmet off and exposed her long hair and revealed her real personality. Filled with rage at seeing a woman challenge him, the Witch-King came forward to attack her but Eowyn succeeded in chopping his head off his Fell Beast. The Witch-King attacked her again, causing her shield to shatter and her arm to break, but he was stabbed by Merry in his leg. As he was in pain, Eowyn took the chance and stabbed him again in his end, leading to his death. This incident fulfilled the Glorfindel Prophecy that the Witch-King would not fall by the ‘hand of a man’.

Eowyn was hurt during the battle and lay in the battlefield, looking apparently dead. Seeing her condition made her brother Eomer go furious and he charged towards the enemy in fury. Eowyn was found by Prince Imrahil during the battle and was taken to the Houses of Healing. She healed there under the supervision of Aragorn. There, she also met Faramir, who had also been hurt in a battle, and they both fell in love. After the War of Ring, Eowyn gave up her dreams of taking part in battles and decided to live a peaceful happy married life instead.

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Weight 4 kg