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Movie & TV Swords >> Lord Of The Rings >> LOTR-305-SK
Eowyn Sword
Eowyn Sword:

Sword Overall Length: 40.5"

Blade Length: 31.5"

Handle Length: 9"

Weight: 1.82 Kg

Blade Thickness: 1/4"

Blade Material: Tempered, 420 J2 stainless steel with a fuller grind, false-edged.

Handle Material: Solid metal guard and pommel with SILVER plated finish, the hilts are cast in the symbols of the famed horses of Rohan and the grip is genuine leather-wrapped, tapered tang construction.

Wooden Plaque, silkscreened design.

Price: $119.00    $65.00
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Product Summary :

Grab the Replica of the well-renowned Eowyn Sword. The young lady Eowyn whose trademark is sword of Eowyn, introduced herself as a shield-maiden to the fellowship. She was only seven when Orcs killed her father during a battle. Soon, her mother passed in the grief of her husband. Later on, the young lady was raised by the King Theoden along with her sister. The King treated them as his own children. She was portrayed as a caring, brave, high-minded, battle lover using his Eowyn Sword/Sword of Eowyn. She was a lonely girl who sacrificed her own wishes for the sake of his uncle’s disease. When grown, she took part in the battles along with the fellowship and carried a long Sword known as Eowyn Sword, that was heavy and lethal at the same time. She stabbed the Witch King in his head and killed him on the spot. After this scenario, she was praised as a heroine who came up in no time. Finally, she found true love in the shape of Firamir.

The Eowyn Sword Replica is available right now in ours stock. The Sword features a massive length along with its heavy metal parts. The Eowyn Sword has silver finish all over it along with the stylish and curved guard. Its a double edged Sword including a stainless steel blade that is well polished to provide a pleasant look. The Sword of Eowyn Replica has a pommel that is that is a beautifully engraved metal piece to balance the weight of the sword. The classy hilt has leather wrapped around it that will be helpful in providing a relaxing grip. A free brown leather scabbard is offered to hold this luxurious sword with safety. This Eowyn Sword is one of the fanciest Lord of the Rings Swords ever made. Buy it exclusively from Swords Kingdom to get exceptional discounts.

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