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Elven Knife of Strider
Elven Knife of Strider:

Sword Overall Length with Scabbard: 23"

Total Length: 21.5"

Blade Length: 15 "

Handle Length: 6.5"

Weight: 1.08 Kg

420 J2 stainless blade etched with Elven runes. Full tang.

Handle Material: length 6.5"Cast metal handle with an antiqued finish and wood grips.

Genuine leather wrapped sheath with an antiqued finish solid metal collar and tip.

Plaque: Hardwood display plaque with silk screened Elven design.

With Scabbard & Display Stand!

Price: $110.00    $50.00
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Product Summary :

Get the most splendid and accurate Replica dagger of the original Elven knife of Strider. We have made this Elvish Dagger with precise detailing and best quality material to look exactly as the real item. The Celeborn of the Elves of Lorien gave this item to Strider. The Elvish Dagger was a handy thing that protected him from the fell creatures of Mordor and the Orc Hordes. Aragorn keeps carrying the knife in an old fashioned scabbard along with his sword. He used the Elvish Dagger for everyday tasks like skinning the animals and cutting the branches of trees for igniting the fire. Thus, it is a variant and elegant knife that can be used as a display item as well as for battles. This potent dagger made Aragorn much famous and demanding than before. Now, its your chance to get hands on this Elvish Dagger.

The influential Aragorn Knive features tempered 420 J2 stainless steel blade along with highly polished wooden grip. The same dagger of Aragorn has a curved blade with a pointed tip. Remember that it is a full tang construction. The handle of the Elvish Dagger is directly attached to the blade providing it durability and a firm structure.  A free plaque is offered with this dagger of Strider that includes a charming Silk screened pattern. We have imported this item especially on the demand of fans. The knife of Strider will fit perfectly in your Lord of the Rings Swords collection. Buy Replica Swords from ours Legitimate Online Swords store that offers a wide variety of quality Replicas at a Cheap price.


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