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Damascus Knives >> DK-089-SK
Camel Bone Carved Handle Damascus Steel Knife 13''
Camel Bone Carved Handle Damascus Steel Knife 13'':

Damascus Steel ( FULL TANG ) Hand Made

Blade Length: 7''

Handle Length: 6''

Camel Bone Handle ( Fully Hand Carved )

Fitted with Gold Plated Bolt

Custom Made Leather Sheath ( Hand Stitched )

Stand for Knife ( FREE )

Price: $180.00    $162.00
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Product Summary :

Camel Bone Damascus steel

Multiple layers of steel was used in solid blocks known as billet of 15N20 and 1095 carbon steel type was welded along to form camel bone Damascus steel. Undeniably, the camel bone Damascus steel is well known for its built and amazing craftsmanship. This is one sort of knife commonly used when it comes to hunting. The strong structure of camel bone is formulated by the many levels of steel, which were folded over and over again in order to produce a distinctive look of the blade which has a sharp and powerful edge.

The Appearance and Production of Camel Bone Damascus steel

The original camel bone Damascus knife tends to have a brass handle giving a strong grip. This knife also have inserts of buffalo horn, decorated by twin tang pins ending up with three fitted cord if holes. It has a blade of 3.25 inch, a pointed one, which drops at the end. The beauty of this knife is pointed tip having sharp ends, absolutely perfect for the purpose of piercing. This ideal hunting knife usually comes along with the sheath made up of leather and belt loop, making it available for you at all times by your side. The technique majorly used to prevent it from rusting is to oil it which comes along with it. This will tend to maintain the quality and produce the desired every time one may use. The high quality camel bone Damascus steel is folded for about 300-350 times. The billet is crumpled several times followed by welding process to make it firm and strong. During this process, old fashioned and attractive patterns are created to give a conventional look. For giving the final look, acid is added which makes the steel soft and highlights the patterns on the knife more prominent, eye catching and bring originality to the camel bone Damascus steel. The creation of hard and soft layers in the knife most likely creates invisible serrations, toughness and a look of flexible nature. The presence of all these elements makes it easier to cut during hunting. Experts agree that the best level of hardness for this kind of knife would be 55-60 HRC when measured on a Rockwell scale. Every knife which is produced is made with utmost care and ensuring that all the procedures has been performed with absolute care and excellence. Steps that include toughness, hardness, corrosion resistance, pointed and dropping edge or desired sharpness are few to name. Camel Damascus knife come in a number of handle produced in different sort of wood, leopard, wenge, Brazilian, African, olive, rosewood etc. there are others which are made up of non-metallic material handle which is an unusual procedure of manufacture as it very different from the usual camel knife. The quality of blades used in this knife is of high quality made up of steel alloy that makes it very sharp just like any surgical instrument or scalpels. The blade in the knife is fixed which combines with the solid structure to form a traditional style of knife with certain dimensions and beautiful natural patterns on the steel of knife.

Uses Of Camel Bone Damascus Steel

Gone are the days when people used knife and other metals just for the hunting or its specific use. Uses of camel bone steel are not confined to any particular area. Today many people around us purchase different sort of knives and blades just for decoration purposes. However, one can’t not just say that today the other uses of camel bone Damascus steel has come to an end. Many people are still fond of hunting and keep camel bone Damascus knife due to its handy nature. It allow the hunters to do small cuttings with sharp knife and less efforts, many hunters tend to hunt to small animals with this knife. It is safe for one to say that this sort of knife is used in domestic as well as in its’ literal use. Many of the virtual games also now have inculcated the use of such knives in their games. The strength of this weapon is strong and may vary from game to game and its’ stages. One may not be wrong that it is recognized as one the highest powered weapon in the world of games and holds a great significance as per its strong association with the history.

The sword kingdom promises to provide a quality of knife that can give you best experience that an individual can remember for a life. Apart from its quality, we will provide you the originality of the knife so it can serve the purposes to its best. The online availability to you by sword kingdom is the easy to buy and flexible to pay, providing the best option for you.

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